Gone Camping with Chris Watson Part 2

My trip to France and Camp with Chris Watson was so much fun it requires multiple posts. I have already gushed about the wonderful pastries, bread, powerful mustard and cheeses that seemed to always be available. But mustard was not the end of it…

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Gone Camping with Chris Watson

I’ve just returned from a glorious vacation in the French Pyrenees. The first week was spent with 14 other curious and remarkably generous recordists. It was a one week course led by Camp and Chris Watson. I was first hipped to these workshops from my pals Bob and Bethan Kellough years ago, and I finally decided to attend one after … Read More

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Pleasant Surprises

I don’t always love surprises but I will take pleasant surprises. I’m about to do some traveling and I’ve been shaking down different components of my Schoeps double-ortf rig. I’ve been trying to find ways to set it up and break it down faster than an old man with one of the canes that fold into a seat. I’m getting … Read More

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