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All Clad

What is that expression about making lemons out of lemonade? Or is it lemonade out of lemons. For the next few weeks my next door neighbors are having their roof and siding redone, and if I am going to have to suffer through it, I might as well get some useful recordings out of it. This recording is from day

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I Have Found a Shrubbery

I love this time of year. I don’t know whether to call it spring or that-period-in-the-suburbs-when-I-don’t-hear-furnaces-and-compressors-from-neighboring-HVAC-systems. It is the time of the year when I feel like I can truly hear my neighborhood. I can hear the birds in the morning, the sound of tires on the wet pavement when it rains, and local commuter trains from a much greater

Fall Into Picnic Table

I have to admit, the initial reason for this post was to give Rycote a hard time. Back in June they posted an Instagram reel of a DMS setup on a picnic table. I made this recording along the Upper Delaware River on the border of PA and NY and I’m pleasantly surprised that my Rycote teasing turned into a

One Crazy Summer

It is officially the beginning of fall on September 21, and one of the things I always miss the most are the sounds of insects at night.1 When I was kid, the silence that came with fall meant the stress of homework due on Mondays and research papers that seemed never ending. Who knew there would be way more serious

Dragging This Quad Around

I’ve been trying to drag the quad rig around more lately, and I recently found myself in a Brooklyn apartment with a nice view of the water and all of the happenings that go on in "cool town." This day, it was early enough on a weekend morning where there wasn’t a ton happening except for the din of light

The Hunt For Leaf Pickup

It totally sounds like a broken caterpillar drive in the making.

The Hunt For Garden Table

Turbulence. I don’t like that.


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