All Clad


What is that expression about making lemons out of lemonade? Or is it lemonade out of lemons.

For the next few weeks my next door neighbors are having their roof and siding redone, and if I am going to have to suffer through it, I might as well get some useful recordings out of it. This recording is from day one, when the crew started ripping off the old shingles and ancient cladding.

I’ve been through this on my own place and it is less pleasant when one is inside the house as the cladding is being peeled away. Don’t even get me started on when the sheathing starts getting sheared off…. it is like the Northridge earthquake rolling through your home. I still have nightmares about it.

This recording is far tamer and I love all of the reflections across the neighboring homes.

Recording Geek Note: Rig consists of Schoeps CMC1′s with MK4 capsules set up for double ORTF. It was tracked with a Cooper CS 104 feeding a Sound Devices 744T

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  1. Wow, sounds great! Those outdoor reflections are indeed pretty nice. Love hearing stuff like this to try and emulate in post. So hard to get that right.

Michael Raphael May 20, 2023