I recently helped my pal Kelly Pieklo with some custom recording work, and I’ve asked him to blog about some of the work. – Michael Raphael Last week, Michael and I wrapped up a fantastic project for Eric Howell’s short film, “Strangers”, starring Marta Milans and James Denton. In the past, Eric and I have collaborated as director + sound … Read More

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Brooklyn Dogs Next Door

When you live in New York City you have to come to terms with a few simple facts of life: You will pay too much for a tiny apartment. You will not have enough space for your worldly possessions. At some point in time, little yappy dogs will move in next door and annoy the hell out of you. All … Read More

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Cold Weather Pals

Sometimes, we need all need a bit of help. Cold weather and gear often demands lots of it. To date, I have gone recording in Vermont, Upstate NY, Minnesota, and, most recently, in Canada. In order to find quiet locations I have been poring over maps and air traffic data. After a fair amount of research I settled on Algonquin … Read More

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Winter Creaks

Lately, I’ve been recording way more than I have been editing. I have been traveling all over gathering quiet winter ambiences. I haven’t found much quiet time to actually get to cutting. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find quiet places to record, and when you live in New York you have no choice but to travel at least 3 … Read More

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Sleepytime Brooklyn

Every since Hurricane Sandy hit New York I’ve been obsessed with quiet. I don’t think there is there is a direct correlation, but it something that has been on my mind. The following is a short excerpt from a recording I made in late October from my apartment window in Brooklyn, NY: There is nothing remarkable about this recording. It … Read More

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