Winter Creaks

Lately, I’ve been recording way more than I have been editing. I have been traveling all over gathering quiet winter ambiences. I haven’t found much quiet time to actually get to cutting. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find quiet places to record, and when you live in New York you have no choice but to travel at least 3 … Read More

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Sleepytime Brooklyn

Every since Hurricane Sandy hit New York I’ve been obsessed with quiet. I don’t think there is there is a direct correlation, but it something that has been on my mind. The following is a short excerpt from a recording I made in late October from my apartment window in Brooklyn, NY: There is nothing remarkable about this recording. It … Read More

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Winter Quiet

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for quiet ambiences. I love being in environments so quiet that they shake you to your core. I’ve been lucky enough to experience quiet on that level a few times in my life and I’m looking for more opportunities. Winter is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, which means quiet should be easier to … Read More

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Post Sandy

Last week, I received an incredible response to my Hurricane Sandy post. I spent the evening of the hurricane recording the storm and in the following days I was lucky enough to have power, so I could edit and share some of my experiences. I’ve received a number of emails thanking me for the post and last Thursday I received … Read More

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Hurricane Sandy

This past Monday was a rather hectic day on the East Coast, especially for New York and New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy started to bear down on Sunday night, and by Monday evening it was clear New York City was going to be hit with hurricane grade winds and flooding. Most New Yorkers spent the day hunkered down in their homes. … Read More

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