Hurricane Sandy

This past Monday was a rather hectic day on the East Coast, especially for New York and New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy started to bear down on Sunday night, and by Monday evening it was clear New York City was going to be hit with hurricane grade winds and flooding. Most New Yorkers spent the day hunkered down in their homes. … Read More

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Waiting for Sandy

I’ve been known to record a few ambiences from my Brooklyn apartment over the years. Hurricane Sandy is on her way, and there is not much going on outside … yet. Here’s a bit of ambience I recorded last week during a short rainstorm: Light rain was falling, a small bird chirped away, and the occasional car rolled by on … Read More

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Windy Stairwell Part 2

We had a number of high wind days in New York recently and when it gets windy my old apartment building starts to show it’s age. When the building is under heavy stress, it can almost sound like it is coming apart at the seems. When the wind kicks up, gusts interact with the above skylight and the poorly secured … Read More

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Winter Ambiences in Vermont

I’ve been waiting to record winter ambiences in the New York area all season, but winter never really showed up this year. In response, I set out on a six hour drive to Vermont this February searching for some semblance of winter. Fortunately, Mother Nature cooperated, and graced me with 2 days of winter to record ambiences, as well as … Read More

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Upstate NY River Ice

Frank Bry and I have been chatting about winter recording a lot these day; one of things we keep discussing is how damn mild this winter has been so far. Mild winters can really put a damper of winter-based recordings. This weekend I got my wish: cold weather. The Missus and I travelled upstate and we had our first significant … Read More

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