The Rabbit Family And A Love Letter to Animal Bells

Last week I released The Rabbit Family over at Rabbit Ears Audio, which has prompted a bit of self-reflection. I started this little blog back in 2007 and it is still chugging along. Somewhere along the way it spawned a small business, Rabbit Ears Audio. Both of these sites are very much a labor of love and are creative outlets … Read More

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RC Jets Revisited

Getting out in the field and making recordings brings many joyful moments and surprises. I’m sure most would assume it is the wonderful sound I get to record that brings the most joy, but there are many other factors at play. It might seem odd, but I love research. I love searching for interesting sources to record, and digging for … Read More

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Switches Switches Switches!

Lately I been flipping tons of switches, pressing lots of buttons, and turning lots of knobs. In other words, I’ve been hard at work on another Rabbit Ears Audio SFX Library. I started thinking about actuating things many months ago when I recorded the Mi–24 Hind. The switches on that helicopter were full of so much character that they set … Read More

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Model Jet Plane

I’m still knee deep in propulsion sounds these days as I work on the next Rabbit Ears Audio Library. A recent recording session took me to the garage of a model jet airplane enthusiast. These planes might be small, but they pack a loud punch. Hobbyists who build these planes work with real jet turbines that are built to scale. … Read More

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Crazy Switches

I recently released a sound effects library which features recordings of the Soviet-era Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopter. While everything about that experience was thrilling and ridiculously fun, I want to focus on something very specific on the blog. If you want to read all of about the crazy helicopter experience in total you can do so over Rabbit Ears Audio. … Read More

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