Wintry Mix


This weekend my wife and I managed to escape New York City and get up to the country. I was lucky enough to be treated to a snow covered weekend and, just before we left to return to the rat race, we were treated to a wintry mix of snow and freezing rain.

The snow and rain was making a wonderful crackling sound off the roof of the deck and the surrounding snow, so I made a quick dash for my gear. I packed lightly on this trip and left my Schoeps MS and Sound Devices rig behind. That meant that my DPA 4060s and Zoom H4 were going to get their maiden voyage in the snow.

I set each capsule up next to a support column for the deck and ran inside to keep warm. I think the little DPAs held up quite well in the cold and moisture.  The only unfortunate element is the appearance of some vehicular and air traffic.

Enjoy the crackling.  Also if anyone could identify the bird species that crop up, I would really appreciate it.

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  1. HI,

    just a word of warning.

    last new year I have been recording with an Zoom H4 outdoors on – 5 Celsius.
    Suddenly my battery dies after like half an hour and after that all batteries in the H4 last like 10 min … something happened to the unit on the freezing temperature.

    Now I use it with an external battery (from a Canon camera) plugged in where the power supply goes.
    In this way it works normally and even longer then before but it makes the H4 even bigger :-(.

    This may not happen to your zoom but just so you know that it can,

    Kind regards


Michael Raphael December 13, 2009