Urban Ducks


Sometimes you don’t know where you might find ducks.  One of my work colleagues, Ochen Kaylan, has chickens and ducks behind his house.  He is part of a cooperative on Nicollet Island in Minneapolis.  He has runner ducks and wood ducks and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the morning of Superbowl Sunday than with some ducks.  Who needs Cardinals when you have ducks?!

Unfortunately there are more geese than ducks in this photo . . .  the ducks were around the corner.

In addition to ducks, the co-op also has chickens and geese.  Unfortunately, the location was close to a couple of bridges that funnel traffic in and out of downtown Minneapolis.  In order to get a clean recording I had to crawl into the duck coop. It wasn’t the most comfortable place in the world, but it provided a decent amount of isolation from traffic.

Recording Geek Note:  Rig consists of Schoeps CMC5 setup for MS, with the MK4 as the mid.  It was all tracked to a Sound Devices 744T at 24/96.  The ducks were only a little afraid of the Rycote.

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  1. Hey Michael, kinda love your site. Especially ‘corn rustle’ and ‘skate park’. Cool stuff. Reminds me of some of Chris Watson’s work on Touch Records. Now when are you gonna smuggle in all that finely-tuned equipment into a ZZ Top gig and come out with THE ULTIMATE ZZ TOP BOOTLEG, yo?

    Keep on chooglin’.

    ; )

Michael Raphael February 4, 2009