Upstate NY River Ice


Frank Bry and I have been chatting about winter recording a lot these day; one of things we keep discussing is how damn mild this winter has been so far. Mild winters can really put a damper of winter-based recordings. This weekend I got my wish: cold weather.

The Missus and I travelled upstate and we had our first significant cold snap of winter. Temperatures hit below 0°F at night and only got to about 10°F during the day. This sudden change in temperature caused the upper Delaware River to freeze. It took the entire weekend for the ice to build up, but the river finally crawled to a standstill this morning. The Missus and I headed down to the river’s edge to get some decent ice cracks and crunches before driving back to the city.

Sadly there is a road and train tracks that parallel the river, so getting clean recordings can be a challenge. The river only had a very thin layer of ice so all of the cracks on the recording came from slight shifts and movements in the ice from the shore line.

Recording Geek Note: The cracks were recorded with Schoeps CMC5′s setup for MS with an MK4 as the Mid. It was all tracked to a Sound Devices 744T at 24/192.

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Michael Raphael January 17, 2012