Under The Bridge Downtown


This past weekend, I found myself upstate New York with my hydrophone and I got inspired. My in-laws have a getaway house right on the Delaware River, and, what’s even better, there is a cool bridge with metal grating ten minutes down the road.

I could have just recorded it, but I’ve been inspired by the recent hydrophone recordings of Noise Jockey, so I said to myself, “I’m not only going to record underneath this bridge, I’m going to record the sound of this bridge underwater.” While I was down there, I ran into two guys fishing . . . I thought that these guys fishing under a bridge in 30 degree weather were crazy, but then I realized I had just tossed a hydrophone in the water.

Initially, I didn’t think the recordings were all that hot, but when I got back home to edit I was pleasantly surprised. Next time I get up there, I am going to have to record above the water and see how that sounds.

Recording Geek Note: Rig consists of 1 Dolphin Ear Pro hydrophone and it was all tracked to a Sony PCM-M10 with a Sound Device MP2 as a front end, while trying not to fall in.

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  1. Whoa, Michael. That is really impressive. It sounds like some weird Bioshock-esque ambience. The resonance of the cars going over the bridge is interesting: medium attacks, very short releases, but intense sustains. This is definitely one of the most interesting field recordings I’ve heard of 2010. Very nice work!

  2. wonderful and inspiring – amazing how the bridge sounds are transported underwater, I wouldn’t have expected that. I hope it’ll be spring soon here and I can go on hydrophone excursions again too.

  3. Excellent idea Michael. Very interesting sounds indeed. I once recorded under a bridge but not with a hydrophone… I simply liked the sound of the cars going over the metal grates on the top of the bridge. Cool idea… How about attaching a contact mic to a steel beam on the bridge next time 😉 ?

Michael Raphael March 9, 2010