Two City Slickers and a Chainsaw

Last weekend I headed upstate with the Missus and my in-laws. Much to our dismay, there was a storm the night before we arrived that took down trees and subsequently took down power lines. That also meant that the Father-in-Law and I had some trees to clean up. Out came the chainsaw and the city boys went to work.

After we dealt with all of the downed trees, we moved on to the half-fallen trees that needed to be taken down for safety reasons. Our first pass at the tree wasn’t our best:

We initially thought that the chainsaw would be able to get through the tree because it wasn’t that large, but the tree proved to be mightier than the saw.  At least we had a good laugh. After we pried the chainsaw out of the tree and remembered our high-school physics, we cut a wedge on the top of the tree and it worked like a charm.

The power never did return that weekend, but the Father-in-Law and I got some serious bonding in and we all have a ton of firewood for the winter. There’s nothing like a family that is understanding when I am compelled to bring out the recording gear  during yard work.

Recording Geek Note: Recording Geek Note: The action was recorded with a MKH30/40 pair with a Cooper CS-104 and a Sound Devices 744T.

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Michael Raphael June 5, 2011