Trolley Trolley Trolley


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After my last trolley post I started digging around in all of the recordings from that day.  I had forgotten, but I must have recorded about 10- 15 pass-bys that day.  These old trolleys made such beautiful sounds that I couldn’t resist posting another recording.  From the wheels on the rails to the cables sizzling overhead it was just all really great stuff.

This is a long in and away that I like quite a bit.  I also love the wood paneling creaking and shaking while moving down the tracks.

This was recorded with my Schoeps MS rig with an MK4 as the mid.

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  1. I love this recording of the trolley, the pace and all the sonic interest… great creaks, shaking noises and that almost imperceptible hiss of current.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Very nice! Kudos for posting the entire approach, by, and away; it’s great to hear the change in dynamics over time, unhurried. Loads of detail very nicely rendered. Here in San Francisco they’ve put some older streetcars back in service, which are not as rickety but are full of similar sonic character…but there’s no getting as clean recordings as you got in such an urban environment!

Michael Raphael September 13, 2009