The Parks Department

This week’s post features the lovely sounds of Union Square Park in New York City.  After returning to New York, I have been visiting some of my old haunts, and on the way home from work one day, I decided to stop by the park for a short recording.  On a hot summer day, Union Square is usually filled with kids just hanging, elderly folks with nowhere to go, and many others just sunning themselves.

I sat myself down on a little patch of grass with a pair of DPA 4060s in my hat, and a small Zoom H4 recorder in my bag and went to work.  The following is an unedited snapshot of the park at around 7:00 PM on a weeknight in August.

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  1. it’s amazing what sounds you don’t notice, because for me, I’m always rushing through there trying to get out as soon as possible. 🙂

Michael Raphael August 11, 2009