The Ice Crusher


photo credit flickr/Fecki

This past weekend my in-laws invited me out to the country for a much needed rest.  I recently started a new job and I am still in the midst of a move, so sleep is not something I am getting much of these days.  A weekend away is just what I needed.  Along with a lots of bike riding, sleep, and nature sounds outside of the city, I discovered some interesting sonic features in my in-laws’ home.  There is a bar in the living room, and what is a good bar without an ice crusher?  That is right  . . .   not much of a bar!  Not only does this little contraption break up ice into little pieces, but it makes a fair bit of racket.  Luckily I brought my recorder on my weekend getaway and was able to capture the soothing sounds of the ice crusher.  Now where is that martini?


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Michael Raphael May 18, 2009