Hurricane Sandy

This past Monday was a rather hectic day on the East Coast, especially for New York and New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy started to bear down on Sunday night, and by Monday evening it was clear New York City was going to be hit with hurricane grade winds and flooding. Most New Yorkers spent the day hunkered down in their homes. … Read More

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Waiting for Sandy

I’ve been known to record a few ambiences from my Brooklyn apartment over the years. Hurricane Sandy is on her way, and there is not much going on outside … yet. Here’s a bit of ambience I recorded last week during a short rainstorm: Light rain was falling, a small bird chirped away, and the occasional car rolled by on … Read More

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Hurricane Irene

The Missus and I had long standing plans with her cousin to go to Prattsville, NY last weekend. We thought it was perfect timing, since people on the east coast of the US were bracing themselves for the arrival of Hurricane Irene: we can get out of New York City and head inland to avoid the storm.  Well, we were wrong … Read More

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Upstate NY Rain

This summer the Missus and I have been trying to escape New York City as much as we possibly can. Luckily, we have been able to escape often and for long weekends. This past weekend the weather was not in our favor due to heavy and sudden rains – when it wasn’t pouring down rain, it was extremely humid and … Read More

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Roof Drone

A few weekends back I got out of New York City with the Missus and headed upstate.  It was a beautiful weekend, but it did rain for a while, which gave me an excuse to do some recordings.  Some family friends have a beatiful old barn on the edge of their property that I have been dying to record in … Read More

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