Under the Bridge Downtown Part II

As a resident of NYC, I’m always looking for ways to get out of town.  Thanks to my in-laws, the Missus and I have a place upstate New York to get away when the grind of NYC starts to get us down. We get the opportunity to spend a tremendous amount of the weekend watching the Delaware River roll by. … Read More

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Brooklyn Bridge Rumbles

The other day, I took a ride onto the Brooklyn Bridge on my road bike to record some ambience.  The Brooklyn Bridge has a wooden walkway that sits above the vehicular traffic and is subdivided into two parts: one side is for pedestrians and the other is for cyclists.  I’m a cyclist and  I think that, when it comes to … Read More

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Under The Bridge Downtown

This past weekend, I found myself upstate New York with my hydrophone and I got inspired. My in-laws have a getaway house right on the Delaware River, and, what’s even better, there is a cool bridge with metal grating ten minutes down the road. I could have just recorded it, but I’ve been inspired by the recent hydrophone recordings of … Read More

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Manhattan Bridge

I am still exploring my new adopted borough of Brooklyn, NY, so don’t be surprised if you hear and see a lot of recordings from that locale on the blog.  I recently explored some of the parks around both the Brooklyn and Mahattan bridges.  On warm weekends you can see tons of kids playing and adults leisurely reading their newspapers. … Read More

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