Steam Pipes

It’s Fall in New York City, which means most landlords, if they’re not deadbeats, have turned the heat on.  My apartment features several steam pipes that seem to enjoy vocalizing this time of year.  I’m not sure if they are alerting the others to prey or mates in the area, but they seem to have quite a call and response going around the apartment.  Everyday these guys are making new sounds: tonight they were in a gurgling, tapping kind of mood.  I’m hoping that this post might attract David Attenborough to check out the phenomenon.

Recording Geek Note:  Rig consists of Schoeps CMC5 setup for MS, with the MK4 as the mid.  It was all tracked to a Sound Devices 744T at 24/96.

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  2. :-)

    really funny and enjoyable.
    Is it really what you can really hear when home and relaxing at home? I though you used contact mics on the pipes to emphasize the sound, but then I read the Recording Geek Note and… uh, surprise…

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