St. Patty’s Day

Another St. Patrick’s day bit the dust and it left a bunch of drunks in it’s wake.  I am not much of a St. Patrick’s day fanatic.  I do enjoy the occasional trip to the local bar, but I tend not to take part in the drinking holidays like St. Patty’s Day.  I also don’t drink green beer or eat green bagels.   In fact, I avoid most food with unnatural food coloring.  After visiting with friends early in the evening and despite my lack of love for Patty’s Day, I decided it might be fun to go out and record at a couple of bars in my neighborhood to document the night.

I went out with my DPA 4060s in my hat rigged to a small Zoom H4 recorder.  I recently bought a new hat with mesh sides which can accommodate the little DPA’s right above my ears.  A hat is always a good way to go when you want to conceal the microphones.

This recording is a time compressed snapshot of my St. Patricks Day around midnight.  It has all the elements of a typical drinking holiday.  The trip into the bar, the trip out of the bar, and a fight over who is going to drive home.  What more do you need!?

I am still experimenting with this recording setup and still haven’t found a setup that feels totally comfortable or sounds the way I want it too.  The Zoom h4 sounds okay enough for material like this, but it is big enough where wandering around with it in your pocket is somewhat annoying and uncomfortable.  Also, you might hear little shifts in the stereo image which can occur during any movement of my head.  There is tough a balance between staying still and not shifting the stereo image and not looking super weird because you are not moving your head and not talking to anyone.

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  1. Wicked. What an interesting look into the world so many people who take part in don’t even remember. Oh joy!

Michael Raphael March 20, 2009