Lincoln Center


A few weeks back, the weather was beautiful and I was riding around NYC on my bike looking for interesting places to record.  I decided to take a break at Lincoln Center and, after sitting there for a while, I thought the ambience of the place was kind of pleasant so I pulled the gear out and started recording.  The main fountain was quite a ways off in the distance, but there was a fair bit of foot traffic and dachshund traffic.

I have no idea what performances were on deck that night, but the afternoon’s activity was enough for me.

Recording Geek Note:  Rig consists of Schoeps CMC5 setup for MS, with the MK4 as the mid.  It was all tracked to a Sound Devices 744T at 24/96, while trying not to scare the old people having lunch.

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Michael Raphael November 25, 2009