Hydrophones You’re The One

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This week’s post is a bit of an experiment.  I recently purchased two hydrophones, and after a few weeks they finally showed up in the mail.  My work schedule right now wouldn’t permit me to run to the east river for a quick test run, so I settled for my bathtub.  I placed both mics on the surface of the tub and began to fill the tub with water.  Initially you can hear the mics rubbing up against the surface of the porcelain, not the most desirable sound, and then you can hear movement in the water.  I played around with the flow of water and at one point dunked my head below the surface to see what kind of changes would occur.  The grand finale is the water draining out of the tub.

So far I’m pleased with the purchase, and hope to get them in a river soon.

Recording geek note:  Tracked with 2 Dolphin Ear Pro hydrophones to a Sound Devices 744T recorder at 24/96.

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  1. Oooh hydrophones are fun!

    Good job on getting two – I have one, and just assumed that was how it would be hydrophones, until I heard recordings by the English wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson, where he buried a pair of Dolphin ear pros in the sand at the shoreline – you should definitely try it if you get chance.
    The stereo effect really makes hydrophone recording stand out – compare mine of cars going over a bridge about 60 metres away – very flat compared to your bathtub! http://coffeeflavouredtea.podbean.com/2009/05/03/road-bridge-from-underwater/

  2. Fantastic. Now I think I need to treat myself to a pair!

    (are you sure that it’s not you peeing at -4.44? sounds like someone taking a leak to me, hee hee)

    1. Robin, you should definitely get a pair! And it is just the tub . . . I guess you could also put them in the toilet, but I have not intention of doing that.

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