Dragging Gear


No audio this time folks, but instead questions.  I battle with my desire to drag gear everywhere, but often question whether or not it is worth it when I am just trying to relax and disconnect.  I wish I could drag my schoeps MS/rycote/sound devices package everywhere, but it is far from compact or lightweight, and since I have moved back to NYC I rely on public transportation.  That change means that heavy bags, and lots of gear are not always an option.

I’m curiious, and there some compact low noise packages that users have that work well for them?  I have a zoom H4 and dpa 4060s that I often take with me, but I am not entirely satisfied and often wish I had something small that could be handheld instead of having to mount the microphones in my hat.

Thanks for weighing in!

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Michael Raphael   October 10, 2009