Commute to Brooklyn

I’ve been making some adjustments to my stealth recording rig lately and I decided to take it for a ride. I present approximately 20 minutes of my commute home to Brooklyn on the 5 train.

The recording starts with a walk down the steps into Grand Central Subway Station, a pass through the turnstiles, and a wait on one of the noisiest platforms in all of New York City. On one side of the downtown platform you have the 4 and 5 express trains and on the other the local 6 trains. The same scenario exists in the distance with the same lines heading uptown.

You’ll hear a number of trains arrive, stop, and roll out before I get on my train, the downtown 5 train. I often plug my ears while waiting because you end up with a cacophony of squealing and screeching from up to six different trains all arriving and departing. After about 15 minutes of onboard excitement, you’ll take a walk out at Borough Hall and up the stairs.

Recording Geek Note: Recorded with DPA 4060′s head-mounted. It was tracked to a Sony PCM-M10 with a Sound Devices MP–2 as a front-end.

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Michael Raphael May 9, 2013