Brooklyn Landing

I recently took a new job in New York, which meant a departure from the midwest and a homecoming of sorts.  I grew up on the east coast and spent many years living in the Big Apple, but this is my first foray into the borough of Brooklyn.  I thought it would be appropriate to document my first full weekend in the new apartment, so I set my microphones up in the window of my living room and let the recorder roll.

The first file was recorded at 5:00 PM on Saturday, May 9.  It is full of the typical sounds you would expect: planes, traffic rolling by, kids playing, and city birds chirping.  What I was not expecting was the sound of my neighbor’s cat purring on the floor below me (at least that is what I think it is.)  It occurs about 30 seconds into the recording, so let me know if you think I am right.  The Good Humor man also shows up on two occasions, but you’ll have to listen for that on your own!

The second file was recorded at 5:00 AM Sunday, May 10. It also features the same city sounds, but it is missing the kids and the cat as I suspect that neither species was up that early.  I definitely wasn’t!  I set the timer on my Sound Devices recorder, let it kick into record on its own and got a few more hours of sleep.

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  2. I think it’s a side-effect of the helicopter.
    However, I remember a fly landing on a microphone during a classical recording at my high school. No kidding! :)

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