Annual Steam Pipes


It is turning into a tradition at my apartment to record my steam pipes and radiators every year (check out 2010 and 2009). I can’t seem to help it because they are so damn characterful. Every year they let out crazier sounds. I’m beginning to think that the pipes and radiators know I’m recording. Yesterday was one of the colder days of the season and this steam pipe was working overtime:

The above clip was when it kicked into high gear and started pushing out a tremendous amount of steam. They can get really violent and on occasion that have roused me from a deep sleep. I can’t wait to see what sounds come out of these things this winter.

Recording Geek Notes:  DPA 4060 tracked to Sound Devices 744T at 24/96. The Capsule of the DPA was mounted just alongside the valve . . . .  close enough to melt it.


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Michael Raphael December 19, 2011