Red Hook Criterium

photo credit: chris henry This blog is all about field recording, so it’s rather obvious that I’m into it!  It’s rare that I get to combine a few of my passions, and the Red Hook Criterium was one of those opportunities. I love running around with microphones and I also have a love for cycling. Last fall, I rode a … Read More

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Brooklyn Bridge Rumbles

The other day, I took a ride onto the Brooklyn Bridge on my road bike to record some ambience.  The Brooklyn Bridge has a wooden walkway that sits above the vehicular traffic and is subdivided into two parts: one side is for pedestrians and the other is for cyclists.  I’m a cyclist and  I think that, when it comes to … Read More

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Cornet in the Park

I was running around NYC yesterday recording a variety of things, and as I was cruising through Central Park on my bike, I ran into Larry the Coronet Player.  It was an unseasonably warm day, and it seemed like everyone was out.  As I was riding through the park near Columbus Circle, I went past Larry playing and doubled back … Read More

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