New Years Steam Whistles Part 1

This is one of those “only in New York” experiences. Every year on New Year’s Eve, Conrad Milster sets up steam whistles on the campus of the Pratt Institute in order to announce the new year in style. Conrad has been the Chief Engineer of the Pratt Institute since 1958 and runs the school’s historic steam power plant. At this … Read More

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Penn Station

New York Penn Station is one of the busiest train terminals in NYC. The train station services the local communities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and points distant via Amtrak. On a recent trip through Penn Station to visit my family, I planted myself in the main terminal, set up my DPA 4060s, and had a cup of coffee. I’ve … Read More

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Manhattan Bridge

I am still exploring my new adopted borough of Brooklyn, NY, so don’t be surprised if you hear and see a lot of recordings from that locale on the blog.  I recently explored some of the parks around both the Brooklyn and Mahattan bridges.  On warm weekends you can see tons of kids playing and adults leisurely reading their newspapers. … Read More

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