Post Blizzard Madness

December 26, 2010 will be a date that lives in infamy for many New Yorkers – not because we were struck with a blizzard just after christmas, but because the city responded poorly when it came to its cleanup. There are countless stories of New Yorkers abandoning cars, getting stuck on subways, and trudging through unplowed streets for days. A … Read More

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Wintry Mix Part 2

New York City was the last place on earth my wife and I wanted to be on New Year’s Eve, so we retreated to upstate New York where the temperatures were in the balmy low 20s.  We were also treated to several days of snow and high wind: not so great for swimming, but full of intriguing sounds.  I noticed … Read More

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Wintry Mix

This weekend my wife and I managed to escape New York City and get up to the country. I was lucky enough to be treated to a snow covered weekend and, just before we left to return to the rat race, we were treated to a wintry mix of snow and freezing rain. The snow and rain was making a … Read More

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Snowy Footsteps

It is the height of summer in NYC, and lately that seems to mean warm and humid days mixed with plenty of thunder showers.  Hopefully we’ll see less rain through August, but some of these hot days got me thinking about winter.  When I lived in the midwest and I saw plenty of super cold days and nights (you can … Read More

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Please Just Hoot

As a recordist sometimes luck is not on your side.  This past Sunday morning was one of those days.  I was on a mission with a couple friends to get some recordings of Great Horned Owls.  I checked with my favorite nearby wildlife preserve, Crex Meadows, and there were recent sightings, so off we went.  10:30 PM rolled around and I hopped … Read More

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