Wheel Lathe Fun

Earlier this year, I spent some time scouting machine shops for an upcoming Rabbit Ears Audio SFX library.  I’ve been interested in recording lots of old machinery for some time.  CNC machines and waterjets are cool, but I’ve been wanting to build a collection of large machines that clank, rattle, and occasionally break down.  My search led me to a … Read More

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Under the Bridge Downtown Part II

As a resident of NYC, I’m always looking for ways to get out of town.  Thanks to my in-laws, the Missus and I have a place upstate New York to get away when the grind of NYC starts to get us down. We get the opportunity to spend a tremendous amount of the weekend watching the Delaware River roll by. … Read More

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Under The Bridge Downtown

This past weekend, I found myself upstate New York with my hydrophone and I got inspired. My in-laws have a getaway house right on the Delaware River, and, what’s even better, there is a cool bridge with metal grating ten minutes down the road. I could have just recorded it, but I’ve been inspired by the recent hydrophone recordings of … Read More

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Machine Shop Action

This recording dates back to 2003 and was one of my first paying gigs.  I was making radio for a little while and after I bought my first pair of Schoeps I got the occasional odd call.  This gig got me hooked on recording unusual sounds and exploring the sonic universe.  Another radio pal hired me and we set off … Read More

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Steel Shear

More in the industrial series here at field sepulchra.  This is a Steel Shear, with a little bit of rain falling in the background.

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