REA_009 Antique Engines

A new Rabbit Ears Audio Library, REA_009 Antique Engines, is heading towards release and should be completed it about 2 weeks. Here’s a little tease: This new collection features stationary antique engines (both steam and gas) that were used for DC power generation. At the turn of the century before electricity was widely available, these engines were used to provide … Read More

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Bowling Departure

I am currently in the midst of a move from the midwest back to the east coast.  I suspect that you might be hearing more sounds from that area on the blog in the near future.  Moves mean lots of farewells and goodbyes to friends, who, in my case, always seem willing to indulge my desire to record strange things. … Read More

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Machine Shop Action

This recording dates back to 2003 and was one of my first paying gigs.  I was making radio for a little while and after I bought my first pair of Schoeps I got the occasional odd call.  This gig got me hooked on recording unusual sounds and exploring the sonic universe.  Another radio pal hired me and we set off … Read More

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