Cold Weather Pals

Sometimes, we need all need a bit of help. Cold weather and gear often demands lots of it. To date, I have gone recording in Vermont, Upstate NY, Minnesota, and, most recently, in Canada. In order to find quiet locations I have been poring over maps and air traffic data. After a fair amount of research I settled on Algonquin … Read More

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Upstate NY River Ice

Frank Bry and I have been chatting about winter recording a lot these day; one of things we keep discussing is how damn mild this winter has been so far. Mild winters can really put a damper of winter-based recordings. This weekend I got my wish: cold weather. The Missus and I travelled upstate and we had our first significant … Read More

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EagleFest Electric Chainsaw

Back in January, I posted a recording of a guy taking a chainsaw to a log . . .  and an hour or so later there was a big wooden eagle for everyone to see.  On that same day, there was another guy with a chainsaw carving an eagle out of a block of ice. Unfortunately for our ice sculpting friend, … Read More

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Harvard Hockey

This past weekend I travelled up Boston with the Missus to visit some family.  After a mellow morning and afternoon, we ended up at a Harvard hockey game with my recording equipment.  The fans at the game ranged from die hards to students who didn’t seem to have much to do on Saturday night.  Harvard was playing Union College and … Read More

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Wintry Mix Part 2

New York City was the last place on earth my wife and I wanted to be on New Year’s Eve, so we retreated to upstate New York where the temperatures were in the balmy low 20s.  We were also treated to several days of snow and high wind: not so great for swimming, but full of intriguing sounds.  I noticed … Read More

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