Under Waterfalls

A few weeks ago I drove 3 hours north of NYC to a waterfall that sits on the back of a relative’s property, who was kind enough to let me drive up and record with my hydrophones. The location has so many features where the water changes speed and pitch as it moves across the rocks. The recording below is … Read More

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Pool Hum

Lately I’ve been working on a series of underwater and hydrophone based recordings for a sound library.  One of my first stops was my brother-in-law’s pool for some scuba sounds. He’s a trained diver and he was nice enough to let me come out for the day and put him through his paces.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get started until late … Read More

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Under the Delaware

Independence Day in the States just rolled around and what better place to spend July 4th than the Delaware River?  If it’s good enough for George Washington it’s good enough for me.  I am still trying to get to know my new hydrophones and the bottom of the Delaware was where they ended up for a few hours. There are … Read More

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Hydrophones You’re The One

photo credit flickr/mybloodyself This week’s post is a bit of an experiment.  I recently purchased two hydrophones, and after a few weeks they finally showed up in the mail.  My work schedule right now wouldn’t permit me to run to the east river for a quick test run, so I settled for my bathtub.  I placed both mics on the … Read More

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