Gone Camping with Chris Watson Part 2

My trip to France and Camp with Chris Watson was so much fun it requires multiple posts. I have already gushed about the wonderful pastries, bread, powerful mustard and cheeses that seemed to always be available. But mustard was not the end of it…

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Gone Camping with Chris Watson

I’ve just returned from a glorious vacation in the French Pyrenees. The first week was spent with 14 other curious and remarkably generous recordists. It was a one week course led by Camp and Chris Watson. I was first hipped to these workshops from my pals Bob and Bethan Kellough years ago, and I finally decided to attend one after … Read More

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Pleasant Surprises

I don’t always love surprises but I will take pleasant surprises. I’m about to do some traveling and I’ve been shaking down different components of my Schoeps double-ortf rig. I’ve been trying to find ways to set it up and break it down faster than an old man with one of the canes that fold into a seat. I’m getting … Read More

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Ambiences Revisited

It has been quite a while since I contributed anything to this blog, but self-discipline can be fleeting. Life has slowed down a bit over the last few weeks due to an injury and I’ve been somewhat homebound. The time at home has provided me with the opportunity to review some old recordings and to generally feel like a caged … Read More

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Feeling the Underpass

Yesterday was a day to slowly meander around Berlin. I took my time and moved without a real sense of purpose. Later in the day I came across a train underpass that seem to have it all. It was surrounded by trees, distant construction, cyclists rolling by, and several different trains moving over head. There is even a distant street … Read More

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