Clack Clack Clack

Back in September I wrote about recording typewriters, and the generosity of Tom Furrier of Cambridge Typewriter. It only took me six months to finish the material, but there is now a completed SFX Library: I recorded seven machines from 4 perspectives: Close Distant Under Keyboard, Close Under Type Bars, Close With a ton of actions per machine:[1] single keys … Read More

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Grand Central Stealth

We all encounter situations where walking around with a large Rycote and a big Portabrace bag might not be ideal. There are times where ambiences need to be recorded without our subjects reacting to the fact they are being recorded. This is where having a good discrete recording setup is always handy. The Tapers Forum has a plethora of examples … Read More

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love M/S

This post comes from guest contributor, Charles Maynes. Charles is a talented Sound Designer, Editor, Recordist and all around decent fella. I’ve also added a few footnotes that might be helpful -Michael As a child of the Cold War, I always loved the film Dr Strangelove, and now can mark off my bucket list my misuse of one of its … Read More

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Minneapolis Demolition

Last week I posted a bit of road construction going on in Manhattan and one of my soundie pals in Minneapolis, Kelly Pieklo got in touch with some demolition recordings he had done the same week. I guess soundies and road crews think alike. Here’s a guest post from Mr. Pieklo: The neighborhood around our facility has seen a pretty … Read More

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Hell’s Kitchen Construction

As a field recordist, I often find interesting things to record from friends and random people I meet. Several of the libraries I’ve released over at Rabbit Ears Audio have developed from total chance meetings. I’m an active cyclist and I occasionally see a massage therapist after I put in lots of mileage. I love riding but I don’t necessarily … Read More

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