Snowy Footsteps

It is the height of summer in NYC, and lately that seems to mean warm and humid days mixed with plenty of thunder showers.  Hopefully we’ll see less rain through August, but some of these hot days got me thinking about winter.  When I lived in the midwest and I saw plenty of super cold days and nights (you can … Read More

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Looking for Inspiration

Hey folks, I just wanted to post a bit of a request.  I am quite busy at work these days and I am looking for some inspiration.  I am based in NYC these days and I would love hear from you!  I’m wondering if there are locations or specific sounds you would like to hear on the blog?  I’m essentially … Read More

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Manhattan Bridge

I am still exploring my new adopted borough of Brooklyn, NY, so don’t be surprised if you hear and see a lot of recordings from that locale on the blog.  I recently explored some of the parks around both the Brooklyn and Mahattan bridges.  On warm weekends you can see tons of kids playing and adults leisurely reading their newspapers. … Read More

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Hydrophones You’re The One

photo credit flickr/mybloodyself This week’s post is a bit of an experiment.  I recently purchased two hydrophones, and after a few weeks they finally showed up in the mail.  My work schedule right now wouldn’t permit me to run to the east river for a quick test run, so I settled for my bathtub.  I placed both mics on the … Read More

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Brooklyn Landing

I recently took a new job in New York, which meant a departure from the midwest and a homecoming of sorts.  I grew up on the east coast and spent many years living in the Big Apple, but this is my first foray into the borough of Brooklyn.  I thought it would be appropriate to document my first full weekend … Read More

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