Urban Cicadas

Over the last few weeks in New York City, it feels like summer has finally arrived.  It has been in the 90s and the humidity has been keeping everything and everyone exceptionally moist.  Aside from the generally sponginess, it has been hard not to notice the presence of cicadas in the neighborhood.  My street is lined with trees, which seems … Read More

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The Parks Department

This week’s post features the lovely sounds of Union Square Park in New York City.  After returning to New York, I have been visiting some of my old haunts, and on the way home from work one day, I decided to stop by the park for a short recording.  On a hot summer day, Union Square is usually filled with … Read More

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Boxing Day

Recently, I have been digging through my hard drives and doing some reorganizing, deleting, and lots and lots of backups.  One of the pleasures of drive cleaning is running into a recording or two that I completely forgot about.  Most of the SFX work and field recording I do is on a freelance basis, since I currently work full time in … Read More

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Snowy Footsteps

It is the height of summer in NYC, and lately that seems to mean warm and humid days mixed with plenty of thunder showers.  Hopefully we’ll see less rain through August, but some of these hot days got me thinking about winter.  When I lived in the midwest and I saw plenty of super cold days and nights (you can … Read More

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Looking for Inspiration

Hey folks, I just wanted to post a bit of a request.  I am quite busy at work these days and I am looking for some inspiration.  I am based in NYC these days and I would love hear from you!  I’m wondering if there are locations or specific sounds you would like to hear on the blog?  I’m essentially … Read More

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