Halloween in Brooklyn

Halloween in New York City is always a bit nutty, when every moron comes out of the woodwork to run around the west side of Manhattan.  However, things tend to be slightly mellower in Brooklyn. There is a great kids’ parade in a local park around the corner from me; there were tons of little bugs, chickens, Star Wars characters … Read More

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St. Francis Day

St. Francis Day is one of the more unusual religious services that can be observed in the modern Christian tradition.  St. Francis is the patron saint of animals and ecology; many Christians celebrate him and his feast day  by having their pets blessed.  You can find churches around the nation where congregations bring dogs, cats, hermit crabs, and other critters … Read More

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Dragging Gear

No audio this time folks, but instead questions.  I battle with my desire to drag gear everywhere, but often question whether or not it is worth it when I am just trying to relax and disconnect.  I wish I could drag my schoeps MS/rycote/sound devices package everywhere, but it is far from compact or lightweight, and since I have moved … Read More

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Washington Square

This post will be a little short on copy as I’ll let the sounds and the killer photos speak for themselves.  I would like to thank my brother, Dave for the  photos in this week’s post.  You can check out more of his work here. Over the last few weeks I have been running around NYC recording in various locations, … Read More

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Big Ship!

Doesn’t this photo just exude cold?  It was December in Duluth, MN and it was freezing!  It must have been about  -20°F, and I was freezing.  I travelled up to Duluth from Minneapolis to try and record some big shipping vessels that run on the Great Lakes.  Duluth, MN is one of the major stops on Lake Superior (some called … Read More

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