Brooklyn Bridge Rumbles

The other day, I took a ride onto the Brooklyn Bridge on my road bike to record some ambience.  The Brooklyn Bridge has a wooden walkway that sits above the vehicular traffic and is subdivided into two parts: one side is for pedestrians and the other is for cyclists.  I’m a cyclist and  I think that, when it comes to … Read More

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Hockey Hockey Hockey

I have one major sporting vice and that is hockey.  If you have been reading this blog, you know that there have been several hockey recordings over the last couple of years:  I recorded the pond hockey championships back in Minneapolis and a Harvard hockey game when I was in Boston. This past weekend, I decided to step in up … Read More

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Soho Cobbles

I was recently out recording in downtown Manhattan and found myself wandering around Soho.  There are still a number of great cobblestone streets that have not been paved over.  I’ve always loved the low rumble that cars make rolling over some of those old cobbles.  Being a cyclist, I’ve had the not-so-lucky experience of turning down the wrong street and … Read More

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Harvard Hockey

This past weekend I travelled up Boston with the Missus to visit some family.  After a mellow morning and afternoon, we ended up at a Harvard hockey game with my recording equipment.  The fans at the game ranged from die hards to students who didn’t seem to have much to do on Saturday night.  Harvard was playing Union College and … Read More

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Today was a lazy Sunday for me and the missus, which meant a morning trip to the laundromat to have some machines clean our clothes.  In an effort to capitalize on the experience, I decided to do some recording.  I put my DPA 4060s in my hat, packed up the dirty clothes and headed down to the local laundromat. The … Read More

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