Transfer Register

Back in 2003 I was hired to record several late 19th century and early 20th century trolleys out in Connecticut for a Smithsonian exhibit on public transportation.   When I arrived, I thought  I was in the wrong place because the museum was at the end of a suburban street and it wasn’t until I saw the Trolley tracks in … Read More

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Noisy Corkscrew Swamp

Back in late December of 2008 I was down in Naples, Florida for a short trip and decided to check out Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. It is a remarkably beautiful place that features an old growth cypress forest that barely lets light pass through it.  It also has a boardwalk that takes  you through a healthy chunk of the swamp to areas that are normally … Read More

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Machine Shop Action

This recording dates back to 2003 and was one of my first paying gigs.  I was making radio for a little while and after I bought my first pair of Schoeps I got the occasional odd call.  This gig got me hooked on recording unusual sounds and exploring the sonic universe.  Another radio pal hired me and we set off … Read More

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Plaster City Rockets

A few weeks back I went out to record the rockets of D.A.R.T.  They are the Diego Area Rocket Team (DART) D.A.R.T., a chartered section of the National Association of Rocketry, was founded in Des Moines, Iowa and relocated to San Diego in the late 1960’s.  They were nice enough to fire a bunch or rockets in relative silence so a … Read More

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Steel Shear

More in the industrial series here at field sepulchra.  This is a Steel Shear, with a little bit of rain falling in the background.

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