Trolley Trolley Trolley

photo credit flickr/ After my last trolley post I started digging around in all of the recordings from that day.  I had forgotten, but I must have recorded about 10- 15 pass-bys that day.  These old trolleys made such beautiful sounds that I couldn’t resist posting another recording.  From the wheels on the rails to the cables sizzling overhead it … Read More

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Cockadoodle Trolley

It is time to visit some of the archives again at fieldsepulchra.  In March, I posted a transfer register I recorded from a turn-of-the-century trolley that I recorded back in 2003.  One of my favorite moments from that day was doing some onboard recording.  The sequence was: ding the bells, get up to speed, apply the brakes, come to a … Read More

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The Parks Department

This week’s post features the lovely sounds of Union Square Park in New York City.  After returning to New York, I have been visiting some of my old haunts, and on the way home from work one day, I decided to stop by the park for a short recording.  On a hot summer day, Union Square is usually filled with … Read More

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Boxing Day

Recently, I have been digging through my hard drives and doing some reorganizing, deleting, and lots and lots of backups.  One of the pleasures of drive cleaning is running into a recording or two that I completely forgot about.  Most of the SFX work and field recording I do is on a freelance basis, since I currently work full time in … Read More

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Embracing My Inner Chainsaw

I had a rather frustrating couple of days of recording this past weekend.  I was in the country again and at first I didn’t think it would stop raining, and when the rain did finally stop it never got quiet enough for my taste.  Drops of water cascaded down a canopy of leaves, which created a wonderful crackling sound, but … Read More

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