Rockets and Rabbit Ears

I’ve been running this blog for over 3 years now, and it is with great excitement that I announce the establishment of Rabbit Ears Audio.  After years of recording for myself, I’ve decided to launch my own independent SFX library company.

My first library, REA_001 ROCKETS features a number of rockets that I’ve posted previously on this blog, and, in honor of the launch, I’ve decided to put up two of my favorite rockets from the library.

This is an large scale amateur rocket recorded at a close perspective with a pair of Schoeps in an MS configuration.

This is slightly smaller Rocket recorded at a close perspective with a pair of DPA 4060s.

They were truly a blast to record.  Here is a little background from the Rabbit Ears Site:

I recorded these rockets on two separate occasions.  The first session was in Plaster City, California, where temperatures soared to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit before noon.  The second session occurred in Pine Island, New York on an onion farm.

One of the biggest challenges when recording rockets is battling the high SPL and developing strategies to overcome it.  Before I did any recordings, I went to a launch and spent half a day just listening.

After working around lots of hobbyists and their wonderful creations, I have a pretty explosive collection of sounds.  None of my microphones or their owner were harmed in the making of this library.