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Hey folks,

I just wanted to post a bit of a request.  I am quite busy at work these days and I am looking for some inspiration.  I am based in NYC these days and I would love hear from you!  I’m wondering if there are locations or specific sounds you would like to hear on the blog?  I’m essentially taking requests so drop me a line in the comments, and I’ll try and get your requests on the blog.



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  1. The highline; something I’ve been meaning to get sounds of for a long time, maybe you can beat me to it (?)

  2. Specific to NYC, the sounds of transit and the city’s people are some of its most interesting signatures. It would be fun to hear more of that! Alternatively, its working waterfront or grittier side is always interesting as an alternative to the pop-culture side of NYC we out-of-towners expect…look forward to hearing more soon! (If you have any San Francisco sonic requests yourself, drop me a line. :-p)

  3. Hi Michael, did you get my message i sent you last week? I’m after interesting NY atmos sounds (exactly the sort of things that are mentioned in the other comments) to use in a film I’m working on. Not sure if you prefer to trade or sell your recordings but please let us know if you’re interested and can help. Thanks

  4. Rodney Gates

    I’d like to hear the distant city sounds recorded from all 4 sides the Empire State Building’s open-air 86th floor rooftop…preferably near closing time with minimal people around (during the week if possible)!

  5. Rodney Gates

    Could you capture impulse responses inside the Statue of Liberty? I heard you can make an appointment to get up to the crown observation windows now.

  6. Rodney Gates

    Elis Island ferry engines and wake?

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