Penn Station

New York Penn Station is one of the busiest train terminals in NYC. The train station services the local communities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and points distant via Amtrak.

On a recent trip through Penn Station to visit my family, I planted myself in the main terminal, set up my DPA 4060s, and had a cup of coffee. I’ve been doing lots of recordings with my little DPAs lately and it continues to surprise me how damn good they sound. Aside from the local accents and the reflections off the hard surfaces, I really dig the sound of the luggage wheels rolling by.

On this particular instance, I had the microphones mounted in a hat that the missus knitted for me. For stylish headwear and discrete recording, I highly recommend getting a missus who knits.

Recording Geek Note: DPA 4060s mounted in hand-knitted hat. Tracked to Sony PCM-M10 with a Sound Devices MP-2 mixer as a front end.

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  1. Much impressed – as I am with your recordings – with the Sony PCM-M10 that I recently acquired, but am slightly mystified by the AC power supply. Shouldn’t it automatically bypass the on-board AA batteries? Mine seems to continue to draw battery power despite being plugged into an AC outlet.

  2. That is odd, but I have to admit, I’ve never actually plugged it in!

  3. Thumbs up, nice recording! I must agree with your thoughts about the DPA’s, they sound lovely. More color to the recordings than I get with my OKM’s.

  4. Jeff Seamster

    Please post a photo of you with the knit recording hat. :)

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